Daisy DEFI Token & LaunchPad

Daisy DEFI Token & LaunchPad is going to launch on 10-11th of June 2021.

IDO (Initial DEX(Decentralized Exchange) Offering) will be published on 1st of July.

• June 10/11, 2021 Digital Summit.
• www.digitalsummit2020.com/2021_en#partners
• Daisy is the Exclusive sponsor of this event.
• 50,000 non-Daisy guests in attendance PLUS the Daisy community.
• World recognized speakers all edifying Daisy and the new Daisy DeFi launch pad…

o CEO Binance
o Creator of Metamask
o CEOs of top DeFi projects.
o Developers of the Daisy DeFi platform.

​​Announcing the Daisy DEFI Token
• Ready to be released on www.cointelegraph.com, the biggest crypto news website in the world.
• Ready to be released on www.coinmarketcap.com, the most visited crypto site in the world. Listed Link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/daisy-launch-pad/
• Ready to be listed on major exchanges.
• It is a Cross-Platform token, So it will be available on Binance, Ethereum, Tron Blockchains.
• This is a real use token with real value that will be purchased by the public, not just Daisy users.
• NOT an MLM coin dependent on the MLM network for its success.
• Offers the Daisy community a second opportunity to benefit from a non-MLM public project.

What is Daisy AI? Click Here To Know The Full Plan

Daisy DEFI Token Supply

daisy defi token
  • Total Supply: 1000,000,000 (1B)
  • Private Sell For Daisy Community: 300,000,000 (300M)
  • Free Airdrop As Pool: 30,000,000 (30M)
  • Rest Tokens for Public Sell, Burning, Interest & Free Airdrop

How does the Daisy community benefit?

• Each project has to give a % of their tokens to the community (airdrop)

How do Daisy participants benefit from the Daisy Token?

• Token is aimed to be released at $5 per token to the public.
• Daisy community gets exclusive access to discounted pre-release prices.
• Token pre-release sales begin July 1st, 2021 with Total Supply 300M

o Round 1: 10 cents a Token – 75M Supply
o Round 2: 25 cents a Token – 75M Supply
o Round 2: 50 Cents a Token – 75M Supply
o Round 4: 100 Cents (1 Dollar) a Token – 75M Supply

Every Round will be 72 hours.

• You can purchase tokens up the total value of your Daisy Crowd Fund Tier contribution.

o Eg, If you have Tier 1 ($100) the maximum pre-release purchase is $100 of tokens.
o Hence the higher the total Tiers you are the more pre-release tokens you can acquire.

• Stake your Tokens and earn new tokens (like ‘interest’).

Public Token Sale

Occurs AFTER the Daisy Community has been able to purchase pre-release tokens.

Token Packs:-

10 types of Token Packs similar to the Daisy AI Crowd Fund Tiers.

o Pack 1: $100
o Pack 2: $200
o Pack 3: $400
o Pack 4: $800
o Pack 5: $1600
o Pack 6: $3200
o Pack 7: $6400
o Pack 8: $12800
o Pack 9: $25,600
o Pack 10: $51,200

• Packs purchased with USDT TRC20

Referral Pay Plan For Token Packs (discounted price tokens).
• 46% of the Token Packs paid out to the Daisy community
• All commissions earned on Token Packs are paid in USDT TRC20.

DAISY Joining link on TronLinkPro by USDT

How To Join Daisy Step by Step Process?


o Your current Uni-level and Matrix Referral Network remains the SAME.
o The Referral Pay Plan qualifications are the SAME.
o The Referral Pay Plan commissions are the SAME as the current crowdfunding Tiers.
o Token Packs are simply an additional purchase through the SAME team structure.
o You can only purchase Token Packs up to the Tier level you have purchased.

Fund Tier 1 – can only purchase Token Pack 1.

o You do NOT need to purchase ANY Token Packs to earn on Token Packs purchased in your team.

Special Promotions for Daisy participants.

3 Pools of Daisy Tokens for distribution of FREE pre-release tokens.

Pool 1: Spillover Creator.

o Between May 22 and June 12 every 4 personally enrolled new Daisy members with a total combined personal referral Tier contribution of $1,000 = 1 share

 Eg. 3 x Tier 2 ($300 x 3 = $900) + 1 x Tier 1 ($100) = $1,000 Total contribution

o The more people you refer the MORE shares you can earn
o 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) to be shared
o This incentivizes the entire Daisy community and leads to massive spillover creation

Pool 2: PaceSetter Gold (GPS)

o GPS is a minimum of 24 personally referred with a minimum of $128K of personal referral contributions
o Must be GPS by June 12
o 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) to be shared equally amongst all qualified GPS.

Pool 3: PaceSetter Leadership (PSL)

o PSL is 3 personally referred GPS. Every 3 personally referred GPS = 1 share of PSL.
o 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) to be shared

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