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daisy token
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Daisy Token & Launchpad

Daisy Token – Daisy Token is the utility token for the Daisy Launchpad platform, by staking Daisy Tokens, you can earn free DEFI Tokens in every new IDO (Initial DEX Offering) on Daisy launchpad.

daisy token
  1. Already listed on CoinMarketCap.com – You can check out this link: https://coinmarketcap.com/currencies/daisy-launch-pad/ and also support to add in your watchlist and give a thumbs-up. Like in the below image.

2. Live on 5 exchanges August 1st at 5 USDT per Token
This is the target date, It is going to list on 5 big exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, KuCoin, and Huobi Global Etc.

3. Staking Daisy Token gives you free tokens in every project, exclusive 1st round allocation of every presale, governance voting rights, and referral rewards for introducing new stakers.

Staking Daisy Token on the Daisy Platform

If you stake Daisy Token, then you will get many free airdrops (new tokens) from each and every project which are going to launch on Daisy Launchpad by their exclusive 1st round allocation of every presale.

For example:- Pancakeswap & Uniswap, If you already used one of them, you probably didn’t notice that if someone holds a UNI token or Pancake token then they are already getting many new tokens as many new coins are launching on their platform and they are earning passive income from it. And similarly, It’s going to happen with all Daisy token holders.

The value of staking on the platform is one of the best ways to incentivize and facilitate the growth of the community in an organic way. Staking is an essential part of Daisy Protocol that pursues to reward Strong Token Holders. 

Instead of resorting to the obsolete reward system by mining, Daisy Protocol introduces a green staking reward solution that provides a sustainable yield that deducts from the platform fees:

  • IDO creation fee
  • Staking exit fee 
  • Adversarial validator stake slashes

With Staking functionality in place Daisy Protocol offers incentivization for Strong Token Holders that fosters community growth and lays a robust foundation of consolidating and encouraging current token holders to continuously aid in maintaining the platform’s well-being whereas also expediting the growth and expansion of the Daisy Protocol itself.

Staking Tier System

Daisy Staking offers various tiers for participants . The main prerequisite in order to qualify for a tier is to stake Daisy token. Each staking tier is assigned according to the number of Daisy tokens staked. The system works by the order of magnitude.

The highest number of tokens staked will enable participants to acquire the highest tier which in turn will mean that more yield will be generated depending on the tier’s degree. Each consecutive tier will have a gradated degree of yield increase. The highest tier will have a 100% chance of getting qualified for an IDO.

There is also a possibility of unstaking already staked Daisy tokens. Unstaking will not incur any fee after a 2 weeks period. If a user unstaked before 2 weeks period the percentage of staked funds will be deducted and redistributed amongst stakers.

Governance voting rights –

How Daisy Employs Governance on the Community Level?

With Daisy, we believe in democratic governance by the community and for the community. People involved in the project have a rightful decision-making vote to commandeer the axis of where the project is going and delegate a proposal they find is crucial to the protocol.

Platform’s stakeholders can create and vote for proposals. Daisy assumes a two-layered governance model:

Layer 1 – off-chain:
Snapshot technology would be utilized for off-chain governance. Since DeFi governance participation is low due to a need to pay fees in order to participate, off-chain governance is necessary to govern the platform more actively.

Layer 2 – on-chain:
Governance validator with staked funds is responsible for proposal execution on-chain. Execution has a time lock interval. Accuser validators may dispute time-locked execution and take the proposal to Daisy Court (our multisig wallet). If the court rules in favor of the executor, the stake of the accuser would be cut.

Daisy Court
Daisy Court – Multisig wallet that resolves validator disputes, whitelists initial projects for the community vote, and confirms project refunds.

4. Public Presale after Daisy Presale from 1-5 USDT (100M Daisy Tokens)
It means after the Pre-private sale of the Daisy token starts from the 1st of July to the 12th of July (12 Days period of 4 rounds) (Only For Daisy Member). Then they are going to start Public Presale within a few days (for Daisy and Non-Daisy member) price starts from 1-5 USDT per token.
Note: This is going to happen before Listing on Exchange.

5. Daisy Member-only Presale from 0.1-1 USDT, Daisy Token packs based on Daisy tiers, Total Daisy Tokens 300M, 30% of the total supply.

Token pre-release sales begin July 1st, 2021 with a Total Supply of 300M
o Round 1: 0.1 USDT per Token – 75M Supply
o Round 2: 0.25 USDT per Token – 75M Supply
o Round 2: 0.50 USDT per Token – 75M Supply
o Round 4: 1 USDT Token – 75M Supply

Every Round will be 72 hours.
Note: Try to Buy in the first round before the end of supply. There are 100K+ Daisy members who are waiting eagerly to buy. So don’t miss this chance.

Daisy Tiers vs Daisy Token packs

Total FundDaisy Tiers Daisy Token packs
For Daisy tier full plan – Click Here to Check Out. & How To Join Daisy – Click Here

How To Join Daisy Step by Step Process?

Both are the same price, If you entered Daisy with the $100 tier, then you can purchase up to 100 dollars of Daisy Token pack.
Let’s Calculate Your PROFIT within 1-2 months by investing the funds. (Assumption after listing on exchanges). First-round $0.1/Token means $100=1000 Daisy Token

Token PackTotal FundTotal Tokens($0.1/T)$5/Token
End of 2021
1001001,000 $5,000 $50,000

6. Token packs pay 46% into the existing rewards plan
Daisy Token packs pay plan same as Daisy tier plan – Click Here to know the Daisy tier 46% pay rewards

Spillover Maker Bonus Pool

daisy token
  1. Promo Extended to June 30th at 11:59 PM UTC
    It’s very exciting to hear that It is extended to 30th June instead of 12th June, so we all have time for this opportunity.
  2. An extra 10M Daisy Tokens being added to the pool, now a total of 20M Daisy Token instead of 10M.
  3. New 1% USDT token sale bonus pool, 1% of the entire presale will be shared by spillover makers. That means if you achieve this by 30th June, then you will be qualified for getting the income of the entire presale (from each and every daisy member who purchase any token pack) of Daisy Token

Pool 1: Qualification For Spillover Maker

  • Time Between May 22nd to June 30th – You have to qualify during the time period.

Between May 22 and June 30, every 4 personally enrolled new Daisy members with a total combined personal referral Tier contribution of $1,000 = 1 share

2 Shares = 8 personally referral & $2000 of Tier contribution.

Eg.1 – 3 x Tier 2 ($300 x 3 = $900) + 1 x Tier 1 ($100) = $1,000 Total contribution
Eg.2 – 1 x Tier 3 ($700 = $700) + 3 x Tier 1 ($300) = $1,000 Total contribution

  • The more people you refer the MORE shares you can earn
  • This incentivizes are for the entire Daisy community and leads to massive spillover creation

Benefit of 1 Share = Get 1% of total 20M token (distribution among who earned 1 share)
Benefit of 2 Shares = Get Benefit of 1 Share + Second bonus of 1% New USDT token sale bonus pool. (distribution among who earned 2 share)

Import Update For GPS & PSL

  1. Gold Pacesetter reset has been ended on June 12th at 11:59 PM UTC.
  2. The member who qualified for the Gold Pacesetter (GPS) in January with 21 referrals and $64K in contributions by glitching in the contract, had also given time to complete their total 24 referrals and $128k in contributions, in order to earn in token pool. The last date was the 12th of June.
  3. Members who qualified for the Gold Pacesetter prior to May 22nd must earn 1 spillover maker share in order to earn in the Daisy token Pacesetter Gold bonus pool.
  4. All members have until July 31st to qualify for Pacesetter Gold as long as they are within their 30 days, which means from Now to July 31st(time period to be a Gold Pacesetter), and will automatically be added to the Pacesetter Gold token pool.

Pool 2: PaceSetter Gold (GPS)

  • GPS is a minimum of 24 personally referred with a minimum of $128K of personal referral contributions
  • Must be GPS by July 31st
  • 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) to be shared equally amongst all qualified GPS.

5. All members have until July 31st to qualify for Pacesetter Leadership (PSL) shares and will be included in the Leadership Token Pool.

Pool 3: PaceSetter Leadership (PSL)

  • PSL is 3 personally referred GPS. Every 3 personally referred GPS = 1 share of PSL.
  • 1% of total tokens (10M tokens) to be shared
  • Must be PSL by July 31st for Daisy Token Pool.

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