How To Buy Daisy Presale Tokens?

How To Buy Daisy Presale Tokens?

Step 1: Copy this link – “” and paste it into discover of Tronlink Pro (Must Daisy registered wallet). If you are not registered with daisy then you can still have a chance to buy daisy presale tokens in 72 hours window (Check out below image 5th point) – Click Here To Join Daisy with us

Note: 1. You should have at least 100 USDT for the Daisy token pack and 105 TRX (for every transaction for gas fees) In Tronlink pro wallet

buy daisy presale token


buy daisy token

Step 2: Enter in Daisy Presale Dashboard

Step 3: Click on APPROVE

Click To Confirm
Wait for Done Processing…..

Step 4: Click to BUY

Click to BUY
Click to Confirm
Wait For Done Processing

Step 5: Click to UNLOCK – Last process

Congratulations!!! You got the Daisy tokens. Now can participate again in round 2, 3, and 4 for buying presale daisy tokens.

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