How To Join Daisy?

How To Join Daisy & Upgrade Daisy?

Step #1: 

Download Tronlink Pro or Token Pocket for Mobile Phone (Android/iOS) and Tronlink extension for Desktop/Laptop
Direct Download Link – Click to Download – Tronlink Pro (Android/iOS)
Direct Download Link – Click to Download – Tronlink Extension (Desktop/Laptop)

Step #2: 

Fund $100 of USDT-TRC20 or just fund enough amount of USDT according to packages. (Keep extra 150 Tron for every transaction) – How to Convert Tron into USDT-TRC20, Deposit, and Withdraw? – Click Here.
If you don’t have any crypto exchanger, then register yourself and create an account in any exchange given below as suitable for your country.
Direct Registration Link – Click to Register – WazirX (India’s No. 1 Crypto Exchanger)
Direct Registration Link – Click to Register – Binance (World’s No. 1 Crypto Exchanger)

Here is a list of sites where you can exchange cryptocurrency for Different Countries – Click to Download

Step #3: 

Now get the Sponsor Referral link of Daisy AI, if you don’t have any sponsor yet then you can use my referral link to Join Daisy AI –

Team Referral Link –

Referral Link – Get Your Sponsor Link – Coming soon…..

Copy Above link and paste it in to DAPP browser in Downloaded Tron wallet.

Step #4: 

Now you can see the referred by “referrer name” and you need to choose a username. (Ex. daisyai123, rocky, christen958, etc.)
Note: Do not use any special characters (@#^&*$) and capital letters (ASTHRTNY) and space before, between, or after while typing username.

Step #5: 

Now click on “SIGN UP” and Confirm the Payment, Need 4 Confirmations to Complete register with Daisy.
First confirmation – approve
Second Confirmation – register
Third Confirmation – purchaseTier
Forth Confirmation – completeTierPurchase


Step #6: 

For Login: Type in DAPP browser “” Click on Automatic Login -> Confirm your wallet password.
Here you go – You can see the back office dashboard of Daisy.

Step #7: 

If you want to upgrade your account just select Tier 2 -> Confirm Payment and it will be activated.
You can upgrade all Tiers at a time but One by One.
Such as: Upgrade Account Tier 2 -> Tier 3 -> Tier 4 -> Tier 5 -> Tier 6 -> Tier 7 -> Tier 8 -> Tier 9 -> Tier 10

For Upgrading Tier 2 To Further Need 3 Confirmations
First Confirmation – approve
Second Confirmation – purchaseTier
Third Confirmation – completeTierPurchase